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How To Draw A Seahorse

Today’s requested tutorial will be over how to draw a seahorse. This will be a departure from the regular tutorials on Draw Central lately, considering this is the first one in a very long time that isn’t cartoon or video game related.

Let’s get going!

To get our seahorse started we’ll first need to draw a large vertical oval which will eventually become the body of our seahorse.

Detached, and slightly upward and to the left of the first oval, draw another smaller oval which we’ll use to form a base for the head of our seahorse.

Next, draw two curved lines connecting the two ovals together to form the seahorse’s neck.

Draw a long snout extending from the front of the seahorse’s head to give it a face.

Next, draw a long line that extends from the bottom of the seahorse’s body, and ends in a tight curl.

Draw another line following the shape of the line from the previous step to complete the seahorse’s tail.

Seahorses, like most fish, don’t really have much of a face to speak of. A simple circle with a large pupil in it for an eye complete’s the seahorse’s face.

To finish off the body of your seahorse, draw a fairly large fin that sits on the seahorse’s back, near the base of its tail.

Finally, give your seahorse some color! In nature, seahorses come in all colors, shapes and sizes, so feel free to get creative here and try some unique colors and patterns.