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How To Draw A Kawaii Cupcake

Today we’ll be doing something super cute and fun– we’ll be learning how to draw a kawaii cupcake. For any of you who don’t know, Kawaii is a cultural and artistic style popular in Japan. Kawaii literally means cute in Japanese, and this cupcake is no exception.

Let’s get going!

To get our kawaii cupcake started, we’ll first need to draw a sort of “U” shape for the base of the cupcake paper.

Next, draw a jagged line across the top with about five or six points to complete the cupcake paper.

Next, draw a large half circle that sits on top of the jagged edge of your kawaii cupcake. This will be the visible part of the cupcake which will be covered in frosting!

Now draw a large swirl running across the middle of the half circle from the previous step. This swirl will define the bottom of the layer of frosting on our kawaii cupcake.

Next, draw the top of the frosting extending from the swirl shape you drew in the previous step.

Be sure to keep your lines smooth and even as this is one of the basic elements of kawaii drawings.

To finish off our kawaii cupcake, we have to give it a traditional kawaii face.

Luckily, the kawaii face is very easy to achieve. It is made up of nothing more than two perfect circles for eyes, and a small “W” shape between them.

Color your kawaii cupcake however you like. Kawaii drawings are often very colorful and bright, so feel free to go crazy!