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How To Draw A Heart

Today I’ll be fulfilling another reader request, and teaching you how to draw a heart. This tutorial will be a little bit different in that I’ll be showing you two different ways to draw a heart. First, the traditional heart shape that we all think of, then, how to draw an actual heart.

Let’s get going!

To get our heart shape started, we’ll first need to draw a straight line across running down the center of our paper.

This line will help us to keep our heart looking exactly the same on each side.

Next, draw a circle on one side of the line from the previous step. Draw this circle at the top of the line, so that the top of the circle is parallel with the top of the line.

Next, draw a slightly curved line extending from the bottom of the circle to touch the line.

Erase the inside part of the circle to form half of the shape of your heart, and repeat the process on the other side to draw the other half.

Color your heart in, and we can now move on to drawing an actual heart!

To get this heart started, draw an oval shape lying at a slight diagonal.

Near the left of the oval shape, draw another triangle that wraps around the entire top and bottom of the heart.

At the very top of the heart, draw a large tube extending upward, and back down to form the aorta.

Next, draw three lines extending in a “Y” shape near the top of the heart to form the pulmonary artery.

On top of the heart, draw another large “Y” shaped artery, and a small half-circle for the heart’s right atrium.

Next, draw several squiggly lines running from top to bottom to form a few more veins running across the surface of your heart.

Draw three more veins extending from the curved tube to complete your heart.

Finally, color this heart in a bloody shade of red, and you’re all done!