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How To Draw BMO From Adventure Time

How To Draw BMO From Adventure Time

Today’s tutorial will be how to draw BMO from the Adventure Time cartoon series. BMO is Finn and Jake’s faithful Game Boy-like companion. He is their toaster, game console, power outlet, and pretty much any other electronic thing they could ever need. He’s probably from Switzerland…

Let’s get going!

To get BMO started, we’ll first need to draw a simple square to form the bulk of his body.

Like most Adventure Time characters, BMO’s arms are extremely simple. Each arm is nothing more than a simple thin rectangle with three very small fingers at the end.

Even simpler yet are BMO’s legs. Draw his legs at a slight angle beneath his body to give the impression that he is sitting down.

BMO’s legs are one upward-curved shape, similar to the end of a candy cane.

To get BMO’s face started, draw another large square that takes up just about half of the top of his body. Two small dots complete BMO’s eyes.

One of the great things about Adventure Time characters is just how simple each one is. And they’re drawn almost child-like, so you have a little room for error, so don’t worry about trying to make him perfect.

To make BMO’s mouth, draw an upside down triangular shape. Draw a line across the top of his mouth to form his teeth and to give him a little smile.

Give BMO a few simple shapes for his gamepad buttons, color him in, and he’s all done!