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How To Draw A Unicorn

For today’s tutorial, we’ll be learning how to draw a unicorn. This tutorial has been requested countless times, and for whatever reason, I just kept putting it off. Well, today’s the day. Let’s draw a unicorn!

To get your unicorn started, draw a large bean shape which will be the unicorn’s midsection.
This oval is shaped this way because we will be drawing our unicorn rearing up on its hind legs.
Next, draw in the basic outline of the unicorn’s head and neck.
Now we need to draw a leg extending from the bottom of the unicorn’s midsection. This leg should be nearly perfectly vertical, as it will be supporting the majority of the unicorn’s weight.
Repeat the previous step for the unicorn’s other leg. As you can see, I added a little more curve to the back leg to give the unicorn a more natural look.
We also need to draw our unicorn’s front leg, curving downward and back toward its body.
Draw in the unicorn’s other front leg, and add a very thin ear, with a line running down its head for its mouth.
Draw a small slit near the front of the unicorn’s head for a nostril, and of course, draw the horn that sits at the front of the unicorn’s head.
Now comes the time we can get a little creative. Usually you see unicorns with long flowing manes and tails. Draw several whispy lines running down the unicorn’s neck for its mane, and do the same to give him his tail.
Draw a small almond shaped eye directly below the horn, and your unicorn’s face is complete.
At this point we’re just about done. All that’s left to do is to draw a line at the bottom of each of the unicorn’s feet to form hooves, and a couple small lines on its legs to suggest muscles.
Color your unicorn and enjoy!
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