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How To Draw A Tulip

Today’s requested tutorial comes from Cheryl, who would like to know how to draw a tulip. So, let’s not waste any time!

To get your tulip started, first draw a long, uniform stem with a fairly large square shape on top.

Be sure to make this square shape slightly rounded at the corners, this will become the bulb of your tulip.

Inside the square shaped bulb of your tulip, you can now begin to outline the petals of your flower. These petals should be very wide– each roughly half the width of the entire square.

Don’t worry about making the lines perfectly symmetrical either. Keeping the outline of your petals a little bit wavy will keep your flower looking organic and natural.

Once you have about two or three large outside petals drawn, you can then add a couple more petals behind them. You can make the background petals of your tulip by simply drawing a couple half-circles in between the front petals from the previous step.

Also, you can add a few very thin lines to each petal to give your tulip just a little bit of texture.

Erase the square guideline from the previous step, and you should begin to see a fully formed flower.

To draw the leaves of our tulip, we’ll need to start by drawing a few simple lines extending upward from the base of the stem.

These lines will serve as guidelines which we will use to build the leaves. Tulips don’t have very many leaves, so about three or four lines will do.

Looking at the image in red on the left, draw a few wavy lines surrounding the guidelines from the previous step. Again, don’t worry too much about making your lines perfect.

Repeat the previous step, changing the thickness of each leaf to keep your tulip looking natural.

Erase the straight guidelines, and the majority of your tulip is complete.

All that’s left to do is color your tulip in, and enjoy!