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How To Draw Leela From Futurama

After posting a tutorial on Fry, I thought we better follow this up with a tutorial on how to draw Leela, Fry’s one-eyed significant other.

Let’s get going!

To get Leela started, we will first need to draw a circle for her head, and an oval floating just beneath it for her midsection.
As you can see from the image on the left, this second oval should taper off and be a little more narrow at the bottom, to give Leela a waist.
Connect Leela’s head and body to give her a neck and mouth.
Next, draw the top half of Leela’s legs. For this pose, draw her left leg sticking out sideways just a little bit.
Follow the lines in red to give Leela a tank top.
Next, we need to draw a very simple arm bent in toward Leela’s waist. 
And you might be wondering why we are only drawing the top half of Leela’s other arm. You’ll see why in the next step.
Complete Leela’s other arm by drawing in a rectangular cuff at the end of her arm, and give her a hand with three fingers resting on her waist.
We’re going to be drawing Leela’s boots all in one step. A very simple hourglass shape with two straps running across it will finish her boot.
Repeat the last step to give Leela her other boot, and draw in a few sloped lines coming down around her face. This will mark the bottom of Leela’s hair. 
You can also add a very small circle for Leela’s ear.
Draw a jagged heart shape to form the top half of Leela’s hair, and draw a thin line around her mouth to give her lips.
Give Leela a very long “S” shaped ponytail, and draw a half circle in the center of her face for her single eye.
Draw in a tiny pupil and give Leela some eyelashes and she’s all done!
Color her in and repeat!