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How To Draw Togepi

Today’s tutorial will be over how to draw Togepi, Pokemon #175. A couple of you have requested this one during the slew of Pokemon tutorials that have been happening around here lately. So, let’s get going!

To get Togepi started, draw a large half circle with a jagged top. This will be Togepi’s broken egg that makes up the majority of his body.

On top of the jagged line of Togepi’s shell, draw three large triangles forming his head.

Give Togepie two small ovals sticking out from the bottom of his shell for his feet. Also, give him two ovals  pointing upward from either side of his body for his hands.

Note that both his hands and feet are the exact same size and shape. The only differentiating feature between them is the small line that runs down the middle of each of Togepi’s feet.

Togepi’s eyes don’t have too many features about them. Draw two narrow ovals with a line on the outside edge of each eye.

Leave a small circular area of each eye white to create a tiny highlight.

Next, draw Togepi’s wide smiling mouth, with his tongue taking up about half the space of his mouth.

At this point, Togepi is just about complete. All that’s left to do is to draw in his trademark triangular spots.

Color in Togepi, and enjoy!

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