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How To Draw Snorlax

I’ve gotten a request to do a tutorial on how to draw Snorlax, and considering the rash of Pokemon tutorials on Draw Central lately, there’s not a better time to do it.

Let’s get started!

To get Snorlax started, draw a very simple egg-shaped oval. This will be Snorlax’s large stomach that he’ll be peeking over.

Give Snorlax two nearly perfect circles for feet, and draw the outline of his head and ears.

Draw an oval shaped arm on either side of Snorlax’s body. For his traditional pose, draw his left arm sticking straight up by his head.

Draw a line through his stomach that separates the lighter colored patch of his belly.

Draw a large “M” shape inside Snorlax’s head to separate his face from the rast of his head.

At this point we can also draw in three claws on each of his feet, and five claws on both of his hands.

Draw two small circles on each of Snorlax’s feet.

To complete his face, draw two thin lines for eyes, as well as a thin line with two sharp bottom teeth for Snorlax’s mouth.

And that’s that! Snorlax is complete. Color him in and enjoy!

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