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How To Draw Jasmine

A few of you have asked if I would do a tutorial on how to draw Jasmine, from the movie Aladdin. And since I’ve posted a tutorial on how to draw Aladdin, Genie and Abu already, it only seems fair to include Jasmine as well.

Let’s get started!

To get Jasmine started we will first need to draw a “V” shape which will be the bottom half of her head.

Beneath that, draw a large rectangle which will be the top half of her body.

Connect Jasmine’s head and body to give her a neck. Draw a wide “S” shaped oval which will be her leg. Her leg should be thinnest near her body, and widest at the end.

Repeat the previous process to draw Jasmine’s other leg tucked behind her first one.
At this point we can also draw Jasmine’s thin arm extending from the base of her neck, continuing to rest on the top of her leg, as shown on the left.

We can now give Jasmine her hands. To keep her hands delicate looking, be sure to draw her fingers very thin and make one or two fingers farther away from the others.
Repeat the same step to give Jasmine her other arm and hand. We are also going to draw Jasmine’s foot and slipper just barely sticking out from below her pants. As you can see, her slipper is very thin and curves upward at the tip.
We are going to be drawing Jasmine’s hair in two parts. The first part is a very large grouping of hair that surrounds her head, with two lines that cut across the top of her head to separate her forehead from the rest of her hair.
To finish her hair, draw two large tufts of hair which should stretch down to Jasmine’s hips. As you can see, the lower bunch of hair is about twice as large as the middle bunch.
Now we are going to draw two diamond-shapes for Jasmine’s eyes, as well as two very large triangular earrings on either side of her head.
Her nose is nothing more than a line that runs down the middle of her face, and a couple tiny dots for nostrils.
Draw in the pupils of Jasmine’s eyes, and be sure to give each one a small white highlight. Beneath her nose, give Jasmine her small, slightly open mouth as shown in red.
Draw Jasmine’s simple wide necklace that comes to a slight point in the middle.
Jasmine’s shirt is really more of a tube top, which is nothing more than a simple strip of fabric around her arm, and a large “M” shape around her chest.
At this point, Jasmine is just about complete. All that’s left to do is to give her her headband with a large oval jewel in the middle, and a “V” shape across her hips for her waistband. Color and enjoy!