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How To Draw Charizard

How To Draw Charizard

To keep the Pokemon theme going here lately, today we are going to learn how to draw Charizard.

Let’s get going!

To get Charizard started, we will first need to draw a large egg-shape which will become his body, and a smaller egg shape which will be his head. Draw a thick neck that connects Charizard’s head and body.

Erase the lines from the previous step to give you a solid shape.

Draw Charizard’s leg my making a large oval that sticks out from the bottom of his body, and ends in a fairly small foot.

Add three small claws to Charizard’s foot, and repeat the previous step to give him his other leg.

We are going to be drawing Charizard’s arm pointing downward just slightly, with his elbow bent straight up.

Give Charizard three fat fingers and claws at the end of his arm to form his hand.

Draw Charizard’s large tail, which is mostly hidden behind his body.

If you don’t like the position of his tail in this pose, you can also draw it out to the side, or upward.

We will be drawing Charizard’s wings in two parts. The first part being a thin arm-like shape that extends from his back, bends abruptly, and comes back down toward the ground.

Draw in the membrane that starts at the tip of Charizard’s wing, and continues across his wing to his back.

Repeat the previous two steps to give Charizard his other wing, and draw a small flame on the tip of his tail.

Looking at the image on the left, draw in the outlines for Charizard’s chin, nose, and horns.

Erase the original oval, and you should now be able to see Charizard’s fully formed head.

By now, Charizard is just about done. All that’s left to do is to give him a small triangular eye, and a couple teeth sticking out of his upper lip.

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Thanks everyone!