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How To Draw Mew

Today I will be fulfilling another reader request, and we’ll be learning how to draw Mew. For anyone who grew up in the 90’s or early 2000’s, you probably were hit by the Pokemon bug. And if so, I’m sure you already know that Mew is the 151st Pokemon, and one of the main characters of the first Pokemon movie.

To begin with, we will first need to draw an oval with another small bump at the bottom. This will eventually become Mew’s head and mouth.

Underneath Mew’s head, draw another oval, that is almost light bulb shaped.

Give him two small triangles on the top of his head for ears.

Mew’s arms are very simple rectangles that extend from just below his head, and end in three small fingers.

Also in this step, draw two small ovals at the base of his body which will be the upper part of his legs.

Two long, rabbit-like feet will just about complete his body.

Give Mew his trademark long, flowy tail that is widest at the tip.

Draw Mew’s eyes by making two large half circles in the center of his head. His eyes should be nearly perfectly flat on the bottom.

Draw the pupils and highlights of Mew’s eyes, and that’s that!

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Thanks everyone!