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How To Draw A Goat

How To Draw A Goat

Today we will be learning how to draw a goat. Goats are a staple of the outdoors, and no farm would be complete without at least one. So, if you’ve ever wanted to be able to draw a goat, today is your day.

Let’s get started!

The first step in drawing our goat will be to make a large oval which will be the body of our goat.

Draw another smaller oval that sits near the top right of the goat’s body, (note how this oval is shaped more like a bean, than a perfect oval). This oval will be the goat’s head.

Connect the head and body to give your goat a neck as shown in the image on the left.

Goats love climbing, so for this pose we will be placing our goat on top of a rock. Draw the top of your rock sitting about one body-width below.

We will also be drawing our goat’s legs in this step. Starting at the top of the goat’s back, draw a line that continues all the way down to touch the rock. Your goat’s leg should bend backwards just a little bit, and end in a flat hoof.

Repeat the previous step to give your goat its front legs. The main difference here, is that the front legs need to be just a little bit thinner than the rear ones.

Draw a slit in the front of your goat’s head for its mouth, and two smaller slits right above it for nostrils.

Outline your goat’s nose and mouth as shown in the image on the left, and draw in a wide diamond shape which will be the outer part of the goat’s eye.

Draw the inner circle of your goat’s eye, with a horizontal pupil inside.

Give your goat two rabbit-like ears on either side of its head.

Of course, no goat would be complete without its horns. Give him two very short horns that sit close to each other in the center of its head, and a very short bushy tail.

And there you have it. A goat!

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Thanks everyone!