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How To Draw An Armadillo

Today’s tutorial is one that has been requested several times now. We will be learning how to draw an armadillo.

Let’s get started!

To get our armadillo started, we will first need to draw a large, almost helmet, shape which will be the main section of its body.

To the left of the shape from the previous step, we now need to add a small triangular head, and two very small ears that sit directly on top of it.

The legs of our armadillo are very short and stubby. They should only be just barely sticking out from the bottom of its body, and should curve forward just slightly.

Draw in three claws at the bottom of your armadillo’s leg to form its foot.

Considering that all four of the armadillo’s legs are basically the same size and shape, repeat the previous step for the other three legs.

The main difference here, is that the armadillo’s rear legs need to be drawn just a little bit wider than its front legs.

Draw your armadillo’s bulky tail, which should be just about as long as the shell of its body.

As you can see in the image on the left, the tail is armored just like the rest of the body. Several lines running down the tail will give that effect.

Draw about nine vertical bands running down the middle of the armadillo’s body. These bands let the armadillo flex, allowing it to curl up into a tight ball.

Also, give your armadillo a very small, almost unnoticeable eye.

At this point our armadillo is pretty much complete. All that’s left to do is to add a little texture to its shell, tail and the top of its head to suggest a rough surface.

That’s that!

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Thanks everyone!