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How To Draw Vegeta

Today’s tutorial will be how to draw Vegeta, from the Dragonball anime series. If you remember, earlier in the week I posted a tutorial on how to draw Goku— and almost instantly after, I received this request.

Let’s get started.

What you’ll need:

To get Vegeta started, you will first need to draw a small oval for his head, and a larger rectangular shape underneath which will be his chest.

Underneath the rectangle of Vegeta’s chest, give Vegeta two legs, without much of a waist. Instead of having a traditional waist, Vegeta’s waist blends into the shape of his legs.

Give him a boot on each leg that comes up to the middle of his shin. Vegeta’s boots are mostly plain, except for a few rings around the toes of the boots.

Draw Vegeta’s forearms as shown in the image on the left. Keep in mind that Vegeta’s arms are not thin. They are unnaturally muscular, and as you can see from the outline, they almost look “bumpy”, from the exaggerated muscles.

On each arm, give Vegeta a pair of gloves that matches his boots. Unlike the boots however, his gloves have absolutely no design or color.

Vegeta’s hands are clenched into fists, which you can make by drawing only the outlines of his knuckles.

Now that Vegeta’s body is complete, you can draw in his signature spiky hair. His hair is a very unnatural shape that is jagged, and almost looks like flames, coming down to a sharp point in the middle of his forehead.

As you can see, I started drawing Vegeta’s body too close to the top of the page, so his hair will be slightly cut off.

Give Vegeta two very thin, downward-pointing eyes, and very large eyebrows. His eyebrows should actually be about twice the size of his eyes.

At this point, Vegeta is pretty much complete. All that’s left to do is give him a very small triangular nose, and a thin line for a mouth.

As you can see, I also added a little muscle detail around his arms and chest to finish it off.

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