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How To Draw Squirtle

Today we’re going to be drawing one of everyone’s favorite Pokemon, Squirtle. Half squirrel, half turtle, he’s kind of a hot mess. But for anyone who doesn’t live under a rock, you probably recognize him.

Let’s get going.

What you’ll need:

As usual with most of our tutorials, the first step to drawing Squirtle is to make a large oval for his body, with a smaller circle about half that size for his head.

Squirtle has very short, stocky arms, that we need to draw pointing upward in this pose.

Give Squirtle legs that are the same size and shape as his arms.

Next, we are going to draw a thick wavy line that runs down Squirtle’s side. This line differentiates the two halves of Squirtle’s shell. Also, give him his curly, squirrel-like tail.

Squirtle’s face consists of a thin line that runs across his head for a mouth, and two diamond shaped eyes, much like Bulbasaur. (LINK)

All that is left to do to finish Squirtle, is to give him his pattern of squares on his shell, and that does it!

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