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How To Draw Wings

Today’s tutorial will cover how to draw wings. If you’ve ever tried drawing anything with wings, like a bird, dragon or bat, you might have had a little bit of trouble drawing its wings. If so, this tutorial is for you!

What you’ll need:

First, we are going to walk through how to draw a wing that would belong to a bat, or a dragon. This is the simplest kind of wing– only composed of a few simple shapes.

The first thing to do is draw two lines that meet at an angle as shown in the image on the left. This will define the outside of the wing.

A bat’s wings are actually a modified form of hands. Their wings have actually kept their fingers, which have just been elongated a little.

Draw the other two fingers in the middle of the wing. These fingers should be shorter as they move closer inside.

Draw a curved line that connects the space between all the fingers of the wing.

Also, most bats have a small claw that sits on the top of the wing.

Add a few stretchmarks between the fingers of the wing, to give the effect of a thin membrane, and that’s it!

To draw a bird wing, we will need to start off with the same outline we used for the first step of the bat wing.

Instead of the fingers that support the wing of the bat, a bird’s wing is one single shape.

Draw an “S” shape that runs from the tip of the wing,   to the base. You should be left with something that almost looks like a boomerang.

Fill in your empty wing with feathers. The smaller feathers of the wing are near the top, and the feathers get longer as they move toward the outside.

Erase the outline from the previous step, and your bird wing is done!

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Thanks everyone!