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How To Draw Toad

Today’s tutorial will be how to draw Toad, from the Mario series. Toad is Princess Peach’s loyal helper, and provides Mario assistance in helping to rescue her in every game. If you’ve ever played any of the Mario games, you’ve definitely come across him more than once.

Let’s get going!

What you’ll need:

Toad is a pretty simple character to draw, made up of only a few basic shapes.

To get him started, draw a circle, that is fairly flat on top, and a larger oval underneath. This flat circle will be his head, which is flat because of his mushroom cap that sits on top.

The oval below will be Toad’s entire body.

Draw a large circle extending from his head, which will be his mushroom cap. This circle is the largest part of Toad’s entire body, and should be about three times the size of his head.

Give him two round feet that just barely stick out from under his body.

Next we need to draw Toad’s arms. For this pose, we are going to draw Toad waving to the viewer. Draw the arm on the left pointing down toward the ground, and the arm on the right upward.

Unlike most animated characters, Toad has all five fingers, just like a human.

Toad’s clothes are very simple. To make his pants, draw a line straight across the middle of his body.

Also, give him a vest that hangs around each side of his body.

Toad also has a very simple face. Two black ovals for eyes, and a traditional curved smile, completes his face.

As you can see, Toad is pretty much done. All that’s left to do is to draw in the circles of his mushroom cap, and darken in his eyes and mouth.

There you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Don’t forget to comment and like us on Facebook.

Thanks everyone!