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How To Draw Sasuke

How To Draw Sasuke

Today I am fulfilling another reader request, and we’re going to learn how to draw Sasuke Uchiha, from the Naruto series.

If you follow us, you might remember that I did a tutorial on how to draw Naruto a while back.

Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

The first step in drawing Sasuke, is to draw a large oval which will be the outline of his head.

As you can see, this oval is pointed at the bottom, giving him a chin.

Next, we are going to draw the outline of Sasuke’s hair. His hair hangs down the sides to frame his face, and stick out horizontally in the back.

As with most anime characters, Sasuke’s hair is very pointed, and rough looking.

Draw Sasuke’s ear, and give him a very large collar.

Sasuke has the same headband as Naruto. Draw this going across his forehead, with a small tie in the back of his head.

Give his headband its trademark spiral design in the center.

Draw Sasuke’s large, almond-shaped eyes, which sit a little farther apart than most.

Give Sasuke a small, triangular nose, and his face is nearly done.

At this point, Sasuke is pretty much done. All that is left to do is draw in a thin line for his mouth, and darken his eyes.

Give Sasuke downward pointing eyebrows that stick out from behind his headband.

That’s that, Sasuke is done!

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Thanks everyone!