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How To Draw Iron Man

Today I will be fulfilling another reader request—We’ll be learning how to draw Iron Man. It seems like Iron Man is everywhere these days. What started out as a comic has turned into a huge movie and video game franchise, so it makes sense that others would want to be able to draw their own Iron Man. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

The first step in drawing Iron Man is to draw a basic oval and square shape below it, which will become his head and chest.
To the right of the square for his chest, we need to draw another circle, and rectangle which we will be building Iron Man’s arm onto in the coming steps.
Also, connect Iron Man’s head and body to give him a wide neck.
To give Iron Man a face, draw his thin slit eyes in the center of his head, with a very squared jaw. Draw another smaller oval on the side of his head for his earpiece, and his face is pretty much complete.
Now we need to draw in the designs of Iron Man’s chest plate. Draw a circle in the center of his chest, which is his tiny nuclear reactor. Draw in several jagged lines that extend from that small circle, and continue to his back. Give him a small half circle design right underneath his arm.
Draw in the rest of the detail of Iron Man’s arm and shoulder. Give his shoulder another small round shape that sits on the side, and an outline where his bicep would be.

And there you have it, Iron Man is done! For the sake of time, I didn’t  add any color, however if you wanted to, I’m sure you know his trademark red and gold colors! And to give him the metallic effect, you can also check out the tutorial I did on how todraw metal objects.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! Don’t forget to comment and like us on Facebook. Thanks everyone!