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How To Draw A Fly

Gross as it may seem, several of you have requested a tutorial on how to draw a fly. So, for any of you who really feel the need to draw a fly, today’s your day!

What you’ll need:

To start our fly, we are going to map out its body in three shapes.

One small circle will be the fly’s head, and two larger ovals will be the thorax and abdomen of your fly.

Give your fly two long wings, which are about the same length as the whole body– minus the fly’s head.

Be sure to give it several veins that run the length of each wing.

Draw your fly’s massive eyes. Each is a little larger than the rest of the fly’s head. The eye that is facing away from the viewer should only be poking out about 1/3 the way from behind the fly’s head.

Also, draw in the fly’s very small antennae which sit between its eyes.

Draw a half circle underneath the fly’s body which its legs will be attached to.

To make the fly’s legs, we are going to draw them in three parts. The smallest and thickest section of the leg will be attached to the half circle shape you just drew– the other two parts of the leg will be a little longer, and skinnier.

Repeat the process for the rest of the fly’s legs. You won’t be able to see all the legs on the other side of the fly’s body. Only one of those legs will be sticking out from behind the fly’s head.

Draw a few lines that run across the sections of the fly’s body.

Give your fly a bunch of long hairs that cover its entire body, and you’re done!

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Thanks everyone!