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How To Draw Stewie Griffin

How To Draw Stewie Griffin

Want to know how to draw Stewie Griffin from Family Guy? If so, today’s your day. Several of you have asked me to do a tutorial on how to draw Stewie, so no more putting it off. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

The first step in our drawing will be to make Stewie’s massive football-shaped head.

Give Stewie the outlines for two large eyes that sit far apart on his face.

Below his head, draw a small rectangle which will become Stewie’s body.

Stewie is standing with his arms crossed in this pose. To make his arms look like they are crossed, draw one on top of the other, with only part of each hand showing out from behind his arms.

At the bottom of the rectangle you drew for Stewie’s body, draw in his legs and feet.

Stewie’s legs are very short– only about half the height of his midsection.

Draw in a couple straps that start at the base of Stewie’s head, with a couple buttons peeking out from behind his arms, to give him a pair of bibs.

Give Stewie a couple very tiny ears on each end of his head. Also, divide his eyes into three parts, and give him downward-pointing eyebrows, as shown in the image on the left, to make Stewie look angry.

Draw in Stewie’s tiny pointed nose and mouth, and that’s it! You’ve just drawn Stewie Griffin!

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Thanks everyone!