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How To Draw Nemo

Today we are going to learn how to draw Nemo, from the movie Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo is one of my all time favorite movies, so I couldn’t wait to do this tutorial.

Let’s get going!

What you’ll need:

To get your Nemo drawing started, you will need to draw a shape similar to the one on the left. Nemo is in a little bit of a bent pose for this drawing, so this shape, (which will be his midsection and head), should be flat on the bottom, and rounded across the top.

You can see that the rear part of the shape will become the tail, and the large front are will be Nemo’s head.

Expanding on the shape from the last step, give Nemo a few fins. He needs to have two fins on both the top and bottom of his body. Make the top fin nearest his head the largest fin.

Draw Nemo’s tail attached to the flat, rear part of his body. His tail is fairly large, and should be nearly half the size of his body.

Also, give Nemo his trademark “little fin” on the side of his body.

Nemo has huge eyes for such a little fish. Draw his eyes near the front of his head. Unlike a real fish whose eyes are on either side of its head, Nemo’s eyes should face forward, like a human’s.

Draw in Nemo’s big smile right below his eyes. You can also see in the image on the left, that I brought his cheek out a little bit, to add to his smile.

Draw in Nemo’s stripes, and darken the edges of his fins, and you’re all done!

Hopefully you have enjoyed another one of my tutorials here at Draw Central.

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Thanks everyone!