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How To Draw A Fox

Today’s tutorial will be covering how to draw a fox. Foxes are one of my absolute favorite animals–they’re smart, and just gorgeous, so this tutorial has been long overdue.

What you’ll need:

To get your fox drawing started, make a tall oval which will be your fox’s body.

As you can see, the oval isn’t really a perfect oval. Rather, it is fairly flat on either end.

On top of your oval, draw another shape that is circular on top, and comes down to a point at the bottom. This will map out the shape of your fox’s head.

On top of your fox’s head, give it its two large triangular ears.

Since this fox will be in a seated position, draw the fox’s two front legs sitting parallel to each other– directly facing the viewer.

Behind the fox’s two front legs, give him his rear ones. Remember that he is sitting down in this pose, so his rear legs need to be bent behind his front legs as you can see in the image on the left.

Make the fox’s small back feet poke out just from under his rear legs.

Give your fox a nose and a mouth that is shaped somewhat like a “W” right below it.

Unlike most other canines, like dogs and wolves, foxes have very small noses and mouths. Be sure not to draw their features too large, or you’ll have a labrador before you know it!

Give your fox a couple almond-shaped eyes that sit parallel to its ears. A fox’s eyes are more cat-like than like a dog’s, with the pupils being almost vertical slits, like a cat.

Give your fox a long bushy tail, and connect the head to the body with a jagged line as shown in the image on the left. This will help to add some volume and form to your fox, as well as give the illusion of fur.

Now that your fox is almost finished, all that’s left to do now is give it a little more detail for the fur.

As you can see, I have divided the fur around the fox’s cheeks and chest to give it a two-toned appearance, (most foxes are white underneath), and added a little fur detail to the inside of its ears.

And here’s the final result. To finish the drawing, go ahead and replace all the outlines of your fox’s body with more jagged outlines to give the illusion of fur. Give him a few whiskers, and a white tip on his tail, and that’s that!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw a fox. Don’t forget to comment and “like” us on Facebook!

Thanks everyone!

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