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How To Draw An Eagle

How To Draw An Eagle

Today’s tutorial will cover how to draw an eagle. This tutorial was another one that has been requested over and over, and I’ve just put off. But no longer, let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

As usual with most of my tutorials, the first step in drawing your eagle is to draw a small oval which will be the eagle’s body.

You might notice that the oval is very small in relation to the rest of the picture. This is because the majority of the picture will be dominated by the eagle’s huge wings.

Give your eagle a simple outline for its head and beak.

Now you can draw in your eagle’s giant wings.

The easiest way to do this is to first map out the outlines of its wings. As you can see, they curve upward slightly near the tips, and are about three times as long as the eagle’s body.

Map out a shape for your eagle’s triangular tail. The tail should be just a little wider than its body.

Now you can start to give feathers to your eagle’s wings. Follow the pattern set in the image on the left. Longer, pointed feathers near the edge, and shorter ones as you go toward the inside of the wing.

Repeat the last step for your eagle’s other wing, as well as its tail.

Draw in your eagle’s feet, bent back underneath its body.

During this step we will also give the head a little more detail. Draw in your eagle’s eye, and draw a line that divides the beak from the rest of its head.

At this point, your eagle is pretty much completely drawn. All that is left to do is to continue to add a little more feather detail to the rest of its body.

Hopefully you have enjoyed another one of our tutorials! Don’t forget to comment, and like us on Facebook.

Thanks everyone!