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How To Draw A Whale

In getting back to the animal tutorials, today I am going to teach you how to draw a whale. A humpback whale to be precise. Let’s get going!

What you’ll need:

To start with, draw a shape that looks almost like a boomerang. Looking at the image on the left, it almost looks like a blob that is widest in the middle, and curves upward just slightly.

This bulbous shape will be the body of your whale.

At the end of the shape you just drew, make the whale’s tail by drawing a triangle that tapers off to a sharp point.

Give your whale two fins near the center of its body. These should be fairly thin, and about 1/3 the length of the whale’s body.

Draw your whale’s eye near the center of its body, just slightly above its fin.

Give your whale a mouth that starts at the front of the whale’s head, and continues to the center of its body, and wraps under its eye slightly.

Also, draw a small hump on the back of your whale, closer to its tail.

Erase all the guidelines, and overlapping lines from the previous steps to give your whale a continuous form.

At this point, your whale is mostly finished. All that is left to do is to add the last details.

Most whales have lines that run down the throat of the whale. Draw in several of these that start near the front of the whale and continue to wrap around the fins slightly.

Give your whale its bumpy barnacle ridden skin by drawing several bumps near the whale’s mouth. And that’s about it!

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Thanks everyone!