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How To Draw Tweety Bird

How To Draw Tweety Bird

Today I’m going to teach you how to draw Tweety Bird. Tweety is a television icon, and possibly one of the cutest cartoon characters you’ll ever know, which makes him tons of fun to draw. So warm up your pencils and let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

As you might be able to tell, Tweety is made up of a bunch of simple shapes which makes him a breeze to draw. The first step in drawing him is to make one large circle which will be his head, and another small oval beneath this which will be his mouth. Draw this smaller oval about 1/5 the width of the larger circle.

Right below the small oval that makes up Tweety’s mouth, draw another oval about the same size. This oval should be almost, (but not quite), touching the other one, and sits on a diagonal. This oval will be Tweety’s midsection.

Also, at the bottom of that oval, draw two very small circles that will be the start of his legs.

Right beneath the oval you made for Tweety’s body, draw two larger ovals for his feet. These ovals are about 1/2 the size of his head. The tips of Tweety’s toes should roughly be in line with each side of his head. You can also draw two thin legs to connect his feet to each of the circles on his body.

In this pose we are drawing Tweety with his hands clasped together. To make this, draw two small ovals pointing down, and slightly outward. These ovals should be about 1/2 the ovals that make up his mouth and body. At the end of each oval, draw a very small circle that will be his hands.

At this point, you have all of Tweety Bird’s basic shapes placed. In this step, connect all the shapes and erase your guidlines. Give tweety a little curve in his back, and draw a few small circles on his hands for fingers. See the image on the right to get an idea of what yours should look like.

In this step we are going to draw Tweety’s eyes. To correctly place them, draw two horizontal lines across his head. The top line should extend across the widest part of his head, and the bottom line should extend across the smallest. Note the arrows on the image on the left.

Since Tweety’s head is pointing slightly left, draw his eyes on the left 2/3rd of his head. To get the correct size for his eyes, make sure each oval touches both the top and bottom lines that you drew.

By now you are pretty much finished with your drawing. The only thing left to do is to fill in the details and clean up your lines a little. Draw a few eyelashes, and hairs on top of Tweety’s head, give him a beak and a leaf-shaped tail, and that’s it! If your drawing looks anything like the image on the left, pat yourself on the back! If it doesn’t, keep practicing, and it will before you know it.

Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial! Don’t forget to comment and share on Facebook!

Here’s a video showing a similar process to drawing Tweety Bird in the same pose. This video comes from SketchHeroes. Enjoy!