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How To Draw A Mouse

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw a mouse, today is your day! And considering there are over 30,000 searches on how to draw a mouse each month, I’d say that there are plenty of you out there!

What you’ll need:

If you are familiar with Draw Central, you probably know that as usual, the first step in this tutorial is to break your mouse down into its most basic pieces. For this particular mouse, we are drawing him facing us. So, draw a large circle, with another circle about 1/3 that size in the upper-right of the larger one.

Inside the smaller circle, draw a couple tiny eyes on either side, as well as a nose that is the same size. A mouse’s mouth is just a simple shape that looks like an upside down “V”.

Make a couple large ears on either side of its head and this step is finished.

This particular mouse we are drawing has a seed in his hands, so make his arms by drawing two long ovals. Make sure your mouse’s arms start roughly at each side of its head, and come together at the other end.

Toward the back of its body you can draw a simple oval on each side which will become his feet.

Now that we have the basic body drawn, the next step is to flesh out the head a bit. The easiest way to make your mouse’s head look less like a circle is to erase the original oval, and replace it with a jagged line that looks a bit like fur. See the image on the left.

Also, erase the top line of your mouse’s nose, and redraw it so it dips slightly inward– almost looking like an open book.

The next step in drawing your mouse is to essentially repeat the last step. Like you did with the head, erase the lines of the body and arms, and replace them with broken/jagged lines that look like fur. Doing this creates a more realistic and organic look, because real live mice aren’t made with circles and ovals 😉

Go ahead and add a swoopy tail, and divide the ends of your mouse’s hands and feet to form fingers and toes.

The last step in drawing your mouse is to add just a few more details. As you can see in the image on the left, I added just a tiny bit of shading, darkened his eyes, colored in the seed, and added a few whiskers.

That’s about it everyone. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and be sure to come back for more!