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How to Draw Invader Zim

I just can’t get enough of these cartoon tutorials, and I hope you can’t either! Today’s tutorial is of a character that has an immense cult following: Invader Zim. One of my absolute favorite cartoon characters, Invader Zim’s face is plastered almost everywhere you look. Now, with a few simple steps, you can draw Invader Zim on your own.

What you’ll need:

To begin with, draw a small rectangle toward the bottom-middle of your paper. This will be Zim’s midsection. On top of this triangle, draw a large oval that is shaped somewhat like a balloon, which will become his head.

On Invader Zim’s head, draw an upside down triangle that connects to the left edge of his head. This will become Zim’s mouth as he laughs triumphantly!

To create Zim’s arms, draw two very skinny arms jutting out from his neck and pointing upward. At the end of each arm, draw a simple square that will serve as a clenched fist.

Zim’s legs jut out from each side of the bottom of  his midsection.  At the end of each leg, draw a vertical triangle that will be the upper part of his boot. At the end of that triangle, draw a horizontal one that will be Zim’s foot.

After you have Zim’s basic body mapped out, you can add his eyes. Draw one large oval on the top-left of his head. This eye is about 1/2 the height of his entire head. Next to that eye, draw a small rectangle that will be a half-closed eye that gives Invader Zim his crooked smile.

Invader Zim has a very long tongue that juts out of his head fairly far. This is attached to his neck, and extends in an “M” shape.

Zim also has a simple backpack that you can create by drawing a half-circle on the top-left side of his body.

At this point, you have done most of the work involved in drawing Invader Zim. Now all that is left to do is fill in the details. Draw Zim’s wavy teeth, darken the inside of his mouth, and add highlights to his eyes. Clean up your lines a little bit and you have a completed Invader Zim. Pat yourself on the back!                                        Cheers!