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How to Draw Hands Easy Step By Step

Today I’ll be showing you how to draw hands step by step. If you are going to do any portrait drawing, knowing how to draw anatomically correct hands is a must. Even if you have a perfect portrait in every other aspect, if you can’t draw hands that don’t look like they’re from a stick-figure, it’s going to throw the entire drawing off. Though drawing hands seems like a daunting task, once you get the basics down it is a fairly easy skill.

So get your pencils ready and let’s learn how to draw hands!

What you’ll need:

Like almost any tutorial I post on Draw Central, the first step in drawing hands is to break down the hands into their basic parts. To begin with, draw a mitten-like shape divided into three sections. These sections will become the palm, thumb, and fingers of your hand.

Once you have your very basic hand drawn, you can break it down a little further into even smaller pieces. Divide the top shape into four fingers, each consisting of three ovals. If you look at your own hand, you will see that your fingers aren’t all the same length, and there is a slight sloping to them. Be sure to re-create this look for a realistic effect.

Posing hands is often difficult for beginners to do. Great practice is to draw hands in their basic shapes, doing different poses. This will give you an eye for what looks natural, and what doesn’t.
By this point, you should have a hand that looks somewhat like a skeleton. The last step in the process is essentially to add skin. Connect all the basic shapes together and erase all the unwanted lines in your hand.

Go as realistic as you want by adding veins, texture to the skin, proper shading, and the effect of underlying bones.

For more info, I’ve previously posted a YouTube video on how to draw hands here and we also have a second tutorial covering more information for drawing hands here.

How to Draw Hands Video

If you would like to see the process of drawing hands in action, check out this great video by Draw with Jazza!