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How To Draw A Flower

How To Draw A Flower

Flowers are and have been, the ubiquitous mascot for beauty. If you’ve ever tried to draw them before, you may understand how hard it can be to capture that beauty accurately. If you’ve never drawn a flower before, or have trouble drawing them, this tutorial will give you a good foundation to start on.

For this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw flowers using daisies as a reference. The reason I’ve chose daisies is because this is a common flower layout consisting of flat petals extending from a central point. Because this is such a common design, you can use this tutorial to draw many other types of flowers besides daisies.

What you’ll need:

To start with, we are going to divide our flower into three parts — stem, leaves, and petals. Start with the stem by drawing a few small lines from the ground up. For the petals, we are going to use two circles. The larger outer circle will define the boundaries of the petals, while the smaller inner circle is the center of the flower bud. Think of it as putting a donut on a string!

After you have the outline drawn, you can now fill in the petals of your flower. To do this, draw a long “U”-shape starting at the inner circle, continuing out to touch the outer circle, and coming back in to touch the inner circle once more. To add a sense of realism, you can make a few of the petals overlap some of the others, or make some abnormally short/long. Remember, this is nature and it is organic!

The leaves on the stem are essentially the same “U”-shape process, however you can distort this shape by making it wider, longer, or uneven to give it the shape of a leaf.

Now that you have the complete layout of your flower drawn, you can add details like shading and texture. For the daisy, there isn’t much texture to be found. Just a few lines that run along the length of each petal, and some light shading.

As always, practice, practice, practice, and try using this technique to draw other flowers. You may surprise yourself with the results!