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Hi, my name is Adam, and I have a passion for art. I’ve been drawing, painting, and sculpting for as long as I can remember. Of course, like most people I started my journey in art through drawing. As I got older, I experimented with other mediums like oil paints, pastel, charcoal, clay, etc. But what I found was that I really felt at home with just a pencil and paper.


As a little kid, I loved doing small drawings for my family. I think it was because I really liked the praise that they gave me when I handed them a crude little line drawing. Every time I made my mom or grandparents a new drawing, they would look at it with a smile and hang it on the fridge. Even though they were just humoring me, I was a little kid, and didn’t have a clue—I just loved the attention!

As I got a little older, around 10 or 11, I realized that I really loved art, and started taking it more seriously.

One of my earliest drawings. My first fish, when I was around 4 or 5 years old.

20160201_194652-01 Art class became the highlight of my schooling, and I started reading any book about art that I could find. Then, the rise of the internet opened up a whole new world, and suddenly I could find thousands of pages about color theory, perspective, anatomy and just about anything else I needed to learn. I was hooked.


In the summer of 2009, I started Draw Central. It was an itty bitty site that was hosted for free on Blogger, and it really had a terrible design back then. But that was my first stepping stone to helping people across the world on their own journey through art. Over time, and with lots of hard work, Draw Central grew and keeps growing to this day. Today I have created hundreds of tutorials on how to draw just about anything you can think of. You’ll find lots and lots of tutorials on cartoon characters (which happen to be my favorite, by the way!) and plenty of other tutorials to help sharpen your skills. You can also find tutorials from other artists, and plenty of amazing work from all over the world and art community featured here.




Take a look around and you might just find some good stuff here. Whether you’re still young and aspire to be an artist someday, or you’ve been in the art game for a while, I really hope you enjoy this site and find something useful here.img032-1


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Adam Watkins
Editor, Draw Central