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How To Draw Feathers

draw-feathers (6)Hi all! This tutorial is one that I’ve been putting off for a while, and  I don’t know why. Today we’ll be learning how to draw feathers. Let’s get going!











draw-feathers (1)To get started, draw a line for the main vein that runs down the center of your feather. Draw this vein curved just slightly, as birds feathers are never perfectly straight.











draw-feathers (2)Next, draw the outline of the feather curving around the main vein from the previous step.











draw-feathers (3)Give your feather a base coat of color. You also need to take into account light/shadow. As you can see in the image on the left, the light source is coming from the top left and is illuminating the middle of the feather.











draw-feathers (4)Next, draw in a whole mess of lines running the entire length of the feather. These lines are called barbs, and extend outward from the main vein.











draw-feathers (5)Work on making the shading of your feather just a little bit darker, and add a few highlights where the light hits it directly.











Finally, erase a few lines to make some empty spaces where the barbs of the feathers clump together. Smooth out your shading just a little more, and your feather is done!