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How To Draw A Football

Today’s tutorial will cover how to draw a football. To be honest, it never really crossed my mind to do this tutorial until a couple people requested it. So, without further ado, let’s learn how to draw a football!

To begin with, we first need to draw the traditional oval shape of our football. What gives a football its shape is keeping the ends very narrow– almost pointed.

Now draw a line running down the middle of your football. This will be the football’s main seam.

On each end of your football, draw a fairly wide stripe.

In the center of the two stripes you drew in the previous step, draw a long rectangle covering the football’s main seam.

Across this rectangle, draw about eight small laces going the opposite direction, with a small circle on each end.

This will form the stitching of the football.

At this point, your football is just about done. All that’s left to do is to draw in some dotted lines around the laces of your football to give it a little more decorative stitching.

And there you go, a football!


I might not be the world's best artist, but I have a passion for all types of art—especially drawing. Let's learn, grow and become better artists together!

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