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How To Draw Piglet

How To Draw Piglet

Today’s tutorial will be how to draw Piglet, a childhood icon. Several of you have been requesting that I do this tutorial for a while, so let’s not put it off any longer!

To get Piglet started, first draw his heart-shaped head, with another oval beneath it which will become his body.

Piglet’s legs are the simplest shapes anyone could come up with. Just a couple small oval shapes directly beneath his body.

Give Piglet two very large, pointed ears. Each of Piglet’s ears should be nearly as large as his head.

Draw Piglet’s arm in the same way you drew his legs. One solid, thin oval shape.

For this pose, we will be making his arm point toward the center of his body, with his hand curling outward just a little– Almost like an upside down candy cane.

Draw Piglet’s other arm with his wrist overlapping the arm from the previous step.

Piglet’s facial features are very plain. Give him a simple curved line for a smile, and two small lines with a dot at the end of each for eyes.

At this point, Piglet is just about complete. All that’s left to do is to give him a couple thin eyebrows, and a circle in the center of his face for a nose.

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