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How To Draw Bart Simpson

How To Draw Bart Simpson

Today I’ll be fulfilling another reader request– I’m going to teach you how to draw Bart Simpson. Several of you have asked me to do this tutorial after I did the one on how to draw Homer Simpson. So, let’s get going.

What you’ll need:

To get Bart started, you will first need to draw a large rectangle, which will be his square head, and another egg-shape that floats just below it, which will become his body.

As shown in the image on the left, connect the two shapes together with two lines that form Bart’s lower lip, and the back of his neck.

In this step, we are also going to give Bart an arm. Draw a half circle near his neck which will be the sleeve of his t-shirt, and another rectangle extending down from that for his arm. We aren’t going to be drawing Bart’s hands, because they are going to be in his pockets. Instead of drawing hands, draw a straight line that cuts across his wrist.

We now need to change the shape of his body a bit to give Bart a shirt. Make Bart’s body a little more rounded at the bottom, with a line that cuts across the bottom of his body for the end of his shirt.

Give Bart a pair of shorts by drawing two cuffs at the bottom of his body, with two small legs sticking extending from them.

Draw Bart’s simple crescent shaped shoes, with a small circle on the inside, and a line that runs across the bottom for a sole.

Also in this step we can add Bart’s other arm just barely poking out from the side of his body.

Bart Simpson has a fairly simple face which consists of two huge circular eyes that take up most of his head, and a small rounded nose.

At this point, Bart is pretty much done. All that’s left to do is give him a little smile, draw in a small round ear, and give him some spikes in his hair.

That’s all! I hope you’ve enjoyed yet another tutorial. Don’t forget to comment and like us on Facebook! Thanks everyone!