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How To Draw Minnie Mouse

How To Draw Minnie Mouse

I never would have expected so many people would request that I do a tutorial on how to draw Minnie Mouse, shortly after I posted the one on how to draw Mickey— but several of you have. It has been a long time coming, so let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

Just like you were drawing Mickey Mouse, the first step in drawing Minnie is to draw her huge mouse head, and a small oval underneath for her body.

Next, we are going to be drawing Minnie’s legs. She has fairly short legs, with massive feet. Each foot is actually roughly the size of her head.

Draw her right leg bent upward just slightly, with the bottom of the heel of the shoe showing out from the side.

Give Minnie Mouse a dress that sticks out to one side just a bit. Draw in her two large, circular sleeves on her shoulders.

We now need to draw in Minnie’s arms and hands. Just like her legs, she has very short arms, and huge hands.

Draw her right hand grabbing the part of her dress that is sticking out to the side. Draw her other hand pointing toward her face.

Draw in Minnie’s large bow that covers most of the top of her head and ears.

We also need to draw the outline of Minnie Mouse’s face– giving her cheeks and a chin.

Now that you’ve outlined Minnie’s face, you can start to draw in the other details.

Give Minnie Mouse a large oval nose that sits directly in the middle of her face, with two vertical eyes right above it.

Draw in Minnie’s wide smile, and her face is complete.

And there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Minnie Mouse. Don’t forget to comment and like us on Facebook.

Thanks everybody!