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How To Draw A Jelly Fish

Today we will be learning how to draw a jellyfish. I always thought that a jellyfish was nothing but a simple blob– I didn’t realized how many parts there are to a jellyfish, until I tried to draw one!

Let’s get started.

What you’ll need:

To get our jellyfish drawing started, we need to first draw an oval-shape, with a flat bottom.

This will be the largest part of the jellyfish– the bell.

Draw a small frill that goes around the bottom of the jellyfish’s bell. This will make it look like the bell is bending inside itself, to give it the effect of swimming.

Coming down from the center of the bell of the jellyfish, draw in about three or four long tentacles.

Many jellyfish have frilly flaps that run down the length of their tentacles. Make these by drawing very uneven, squiggly lines in pairs.

Don’t worry about making them look very great. Keeping the tentacles looking organic is key.

Repeat the previous step for the other tentacles.

Going around the edge of the jellyfish bell, draw several long, thin tentacles.

You can get creative with these, by drawing them different lengths, or draw them pointing one direction to simulate a current in the water.

You can give your jellyfish a little volume by giving it just a little shading. Don’t overdo the shading however, as this will take away the transparent look that jellyfish are known for.

There you have it! A jellyfish. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.

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